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A Breed Like No Other

The Mountain Cur was the true All-American working dog of the Frontier. They helped the settlers with hunting, farm work, and protection from both man and beast.

Welcome to Walnut Ridge Mountain Curs

A little about myself...I fell in love with the breed after I adopted a Mountain Cur pup from a Tennessee shelter. That dog changed the course of my life and introduced me to this amazing breed. They have been the best dogs I’ve ever owned, a true working dog that can do almost any task you can imagine. Since then I would like to share my passion for the breed with others through education and producing quality pups that can be true working dogs as the breed was originally meant to do.

-Mandy Middleton - Owner, Breeder, & Handler - Walnut Ridge Mountain Curs - Georgetown,OH

What we do:

I am a preservation breeder of Mountain Curs,  striving to keep the Mountain Cur breed true to its extremely versatile working abilities, healthy genetics, and sound structure. All of my breeding dogs have been tested for all of Embark's genetic disorders and are non-affected.  

Why we do it:

Walnut Ridge Mountain Curs is dedicated to keeping ALL the original traits of the Mountain Cur, not just hunting. The main purpose of the breed is to be a versatile working dog, helping its owner with almost any task at hand.

Your New Best Friend:

When you purchase a Walnut Ridge puppy, you are getting more than just a hunting dog, you are also getting a well started, loyal, best friend. My "puppy preschool" program prepared the pups for their new homes, owners, and jobs. A great dog begins with a great breeding and training program!


I am a member of the Original Mountain Cur Breeder's Association,

Kemmer Stock Breeder's Association, National Sporting Dog, Good Dog Breeder Program Approved, and have titled multiple dogs in a variety of dog sports in the American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, United Schutzhund Clubs of

America, National Kennel Club, and International All Breed Canine Association. Several of my dogs have been the first of their breed to earn titles in various

dog sports. I am also the breed contact for Mountain Curs in the AKC.

The focus of my breeding program is Versatility, Health, Temperament,

and Working Ability.

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